Innovative LFP Battery system

Designed For UPS and ESS — Enhanced Safety and Lifecycle

Main Advantages

Comprehensive Safety

Starting from Industry leading LFP battery cells, Safety cell materials, top level manufacturing technique, Muti-angle of BMS protection, battery module extra insulation
and thermal design. We pursues every possibility to improve product safety.

Whole life time cost performance

Benefits from battery cell high reliability and life cycle.
Sicon advanced Active Equalization BMS further ensured battery cells consistency and long service life. With high energy efficiency UPS and ESS projects will have more
advantages in cost per kWh in the whole life cycle.

Smart Battery Management System

Sicon creative technology – Bi-Directional Active Equalization BMS Fulfilled with 3 levels architecture ,providing accurate and efficient management.Maximize the whole battery system efficiency and life cycle. Meanwhile the upper level of BMS can communicate with UPS/PCS via CAN/ RS485 protocols to accomplish many smart strategy and operation mode Accomplish maintenance free for customer as far as possible

High Energy Lithium Batteries

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A standard battery system product for UPS project need ≥1hour backup time and medium -large scale ESS like peak shaving, power generation/consumption side and micro grid. Advanced LFP battery cell energy density up to 170wh/kg. Battery system with
reduced footprint and weight, extended life cycle and cost performance, reliably power supply for UPS and ESS loads.

High C-rate Lithium Batteries

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High C-rate product series are designed for UPS project need 5-45mins backup time and ESS projects such as frequency regulation. Integrated with the mature C-rate type battery cells proven by market ,as well as advanced ventilation design. Compare with lead-acid battery, High C-rate series can reduce overall battery capacity to save cost for customer in short backup time cases.

Rack-mount Lithium Batteries

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Product series are highly standardized and modular , designed to fit 19-inch rack to work with UPS and other DC power devices. Each 2U size module has up to 240VDC voltage and 7.5kw large C-rate discharge power, both high energy density and high power density. Easy for installation, maintenance also expandable.

New Energy ChargingStation

The power supply capacity of the station is not enough, only 190kva in total, which can not support the high-power fast charging demand of new energy vehicles, and the charging speed is slow.

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Integrated New Energy ChargingStation

The Netherlands has issued a policy banning fuel vehicles in major cities by 2030, with huge new-energy car charging stations and electricity distribution needs that the local grid can not meet.

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Hainan New Energy ChargingStation

In order to support the urban development of Boao Le City International Medical Tourism Advance Zone, meet the demand of power load growth in the leading area, and fully support the promotion of green low-carbon and eco-beautiful construction in Hainan…

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Mobile Energy Storage Charging Vehicle

The notice of the State Council declared that by the end of 2020, more than 50% of the specialized berths (except dangerous goods berths) in the main coastal ports will be able to supply shore power to ships. The new wharf is planned, designed and constructed simultaneously.

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Subway Energy Feedback System(LTO)

In the case of no on-board energy feedback system in south Korean subway, braking and starting cause a large amount of power waste.

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Energy Storage UPS

The load of data center needs stable and uninterrupted operation, and UPS is needed as the guarantee of uninterrupted power supply.

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PV and UPSproject

Lhasa Xingye Bank Project is located on the roof of Lhasa Xingye Bank. The project uses the bank building roof to build a total installed capacity of 217.8 kWp PV power generation system. The power generation system adopts 0.4 KV spontaneous self-use surplus power network mode, and the network is the low voltage side of the user distribution room.

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