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Hebei Ecube New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., is a subsidiary of Sicon Chat Union Electric Co., Ltd.(SCU), headquartered in Shijiazhuang, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in energy storage and lithium battery system integration. Relying on the technical team of the leading enterprises in the power electronics industry, Ecube has built a core technical team with more than ten years of experience in the development and application of lithium battery and power supply products, and independently developed the industry-leading battery management system with excellent security, stability and balance capabilities.

The products cover four business sectors: Industrial and commercial energy storage system, renewable integration, uninterrupted power lithium battery system and special vehicle battery pack. In recent two years, the project cases have spread to key overseas markets such as South Korea, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, the Middle East, etc.

Driven by technological innovation and guided by customer demand, with the mission of promoting the friendly use of clean energy and creating a low-carbon and environmental friendly future life, Ecube is committed to building a safe, stable and long-life energy storage system application and integrated energy storage solutions such as scenery storage, optical storage, micro grid, and off grid. It is an excellent R & D and supply provider of innovative intelligent energy storage system in the industry Business.


Focus on energy storage

  • EPC experience of multiple power generation side and power consumption side energy storage projects at home and abroad
  • Perfect fit for energy storage application technical requirements
  • Exclusive cells, pack design and BMS design for energy storage
  • Tsinghua university Hebei Research Institute technical support, many years of experience in lithium battery and power industry development

BMS Independent research & development

  • Advanced three-level management structure
  • Mature active / passive equalization
  • Industry-leading equalizing ability, signal acquisition accuracy, SOC accuracy

Customized design

  • Cooperate with many first-line cell manufacturers
  • Customized BMS, pack and container
  • Customized energy storage system / power station solution

Overall solution

  • Peak shaving and frequency modulation solution
  • Microgrid solution
  • New energy charging station solution
  • On/off grid energy storage solution
  • Wind, solar, diesel and battery,multi energy complementation solution

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