Power Conversion System (PCS)250KW

For Battery Energy Storage in comercial and industrial application.

Power Conversion System PCS 250kW

MPCS is a multi-fuctional PCS by offering both basic bi-direction conversion factions of PCS and several optional modules which could offer on/off grid switch and renewable energy access. Range from 50kW to 250kW, it well fit the requirment of Battery Energy Storage in comercial and industrial application.
Both Energy Storage PCS and Lithium ion Battery System are make by SCU in house. We could support your battery energy storage business from power generation, through transmission and distribution, and all the way to users.

Modular design

50kW module achives 50-250kW PCS system, flexiable configuration, easy maintainnaice.

Multi-fuctional system

On / off grid seamless transfer, able to connect various battery strings, provide accesss to PV and wind.


Pass CE LVD EN62477, CE EMC EN61000 EMC, IEC61727, IEC62116.



Voltage range: 250-850V
Communication interface: RS485、CAN、LAN
Display: Touch screen


Voltage range: 250-850V
Communication interface: RS485、CAN、LAN
Display: Touch screen


Model / PowerEHPCS-50/50(50kW); EHPCS-100/50(100kW); EHPCS-150/50(150kW);
EHPCS-200/50(200kW); EHPCS-250/50(250kW);
DC parametervoltage range when full load (V)250-850
AC parameterRated grid voltage (V)3W+N+PE, 380
Rated grid frequency (Hz)50
Basic parameterMax. efficiency96%
Isolation modeoption isolated transfomer
On/off grid switchingSTS(option without STS)
displayTouch screen
Communication interfaceRS485、CAN、LAN
Communication protocolModbus-RTU、Modbus-TCP、CAN2.0B

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