Hainan New Energy ChargingStation

Time: 2020-12-04
Author: admin
Category: High Energy Lithium BatteriesLi-ion Battery


In order to support the urban development of Boao Le City International Medical  Tourism Advance Zone, meet the demand of power load growth in the leading  area, and fully support the promotion of green low-carbon and eco-beautiful  construction in Hainan, Hainan Power Grid Company quickly launched the Boao  Le City International Medical Tourism Advance Zone Smart Grid, guided by the  smart grid planning of Hainan Power Grid Company, Build the leading area  power grid into a “safe and reliable, intelligent and efficient, friendly interaction,  low-carbon green” smart grid demonstration area.


This project builds a new energy charging station. The construction contents include: PV  generation system, energy storage system, charging system, integrated monitoring and  energy management platform, environmental security monitoring device and so on.


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