GRES Static Generator

GRES (Grid Renewable Energy Storage Power Supply) Static Generator is an intelligent and modular power supply system, integrating lithium battery and Multi-functional Power Conversion System. (MPCs). The main components,lithium battery, bidirectional DC / AC converter, bidirectional DC / DC converter, Static Transfer Switch STS and monitoring unit PMS,can be combined in various ways to meet the needs of different scenes.

One investment multiple benefits

GRES can be equipped with photovoltaic MPPT to build a microgrid, and can also be equipped with STS static transfer switch to realize seamless switching between on and off the grid. The system can use lithium battery to intelligently combine photovoltaic, utility grid, diesel generator and load together, realize multi energy complementary and strategic intelligent power consumption, and provide users with high-quality energy consumption service with high economy, high reliability and high security.

Safe and reliable

Top manufacturer of iron phosphate lithium battery cell industry
Intelligent air cooling design, long service life life, stable operation
IP55,safe and reliable operation in outdoor environment
Serially designed PCS and battery pack eliminates circulating current and improve system reliability.
DC, AC multi-layer protection, maximum safety performance design

Efficient and Convenient

Energy system, high energy density, high integration
Modular design, convenient for maintenance, management and expansion
Fixed on the ground or mounted on vehicle, can be loaded and unloaded by forklift and hoisted by lifting ring
Remote monitoring and equipment management, remote troubleshooting and data analysis

Cost optimization

Small size, light weight, less space and installation cost
Long cycle life, low failure rate, reduce operation and maintenance investment
Green energy, low noise, no fuel consumption, zero pollution
One investment, multiple benefits:Peak shaving, backup power supply, PV and engergy storage system etc.



Battery Capacity: 75kWh
PCS Power: 50kW
Dimension: 1300*1540*1600(W*D*H)mm


Battery Capacity: 150kWh
PCS Power: 100kW
Dimension: 1300*2300*1600(W*D*H)mm


Parameters GRES-75-50 GRES-150-100 GRES-225-150 GRES-300-200 GRES-600-400
AC parameters (grid connected)
Rated output power (kW) 50 100 150 200 400
Max output power(kW) 55 110 165 220 440
Rated grid voltage (V) 3W+N+PE, 380
Grid voltage range ±15%
Rated grid frequency (Hz) 50/60
Grid frequency range(Hz) ±2
Current waveform distortion rate <3%(Rated voltage)
DC component <0.5%In
Power factor >0.99(Rated voltage)
Power factor adjustable range  1 (lead) ~ 1 (lag)
Overload capacity 110%
AC parameters (off grid)
Rated output power (kW) 50 100 150 200 400
Max output power (kW) 55 110 165 220 440
Rated output voltage (V) 3W+N+PE, 380
Current waveform distortion rate <3%(Linear load)
Rated frequency (Hz) 50/60
Overload capacity 110% continuous
Battery type  Lithium iron phosphate 
Energy of each module (kWh) 15.36
Module qty  5 10 15 20 40
Total power (kWh) 76.8 153.6 230.4 307.2 614.4
Operating time (h) 1 (Adjustable, decided by number of modules)
Cycle life 25℃ 0.5C/0.5C 100%DOD EOL80% ≥4000 times
System efficiency 
Max efficiency  95% 95% 95% 95% 95%
DC switch Yes
AC switch Yes
Grid monitoring Yes
Insulation monitoring Yes
DC reverse protection Yes
Grounding fault protection Yes
Surge protection DC /AC 2nd level 
Basic parameters 
Dimension(W*D*H)(mm) 1300*1540*1600 1300*2300*1600 1300*3060*1600 2400*1540*2300 2400*2300*2300
Weight  (kg) 1060 1780 2470 3170 5300
Isolated transformer
On/off grid switching STS
Outdoor IP55
Working temperature  -20~55℃(>45℃ derating)
Relative humidity  0~95% ( (no condensing)
Cooling  Intelligent air cooling (intelligent heating optional )
Max working altitude(m) 4000(>2000 derating)
Display Touch screen 
Communication RS485、CAN、LAN
Communication Protocol Modbus-RTU、Modbus-TCP、CAN2.0B


Airport solid power supply

In order to promote energy conservation and emission reduction of the airport, build a green airport, solve the problems of high energy consumption, high emission and high noise during aircraft APU operation, vigorously promote the construction and use of APU replacement facilities, and effectively solve the problems of transformation difficulties

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GRES Vehicle Battery Module Echelon Utilization project

Due to scratch, size or welding gap, the power battery module for new energy vehicles can not be put on the vehicle production line, and due to the rework process and cost problems, it can only enter the defective product warehouse, with high cost of defective products and serious waste of resources.

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