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Time: 2022-01-04
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Category: GRES Static Generator

In order to promote energy conservation and emission reduction of the airport, build a green airport, solve the problems of high energy consumption, high emission and high noise during aircraft APU operation, vigorously promote the construction and use of APU replacement facilities, and effectively solve the problems of transformation difficulties, high construction cost and inability to increase power capacity faced by APU replacement in remote positions, ECUBE uses mature lithium battery energy storage technology to launch mobile energy storage solid power supply, It points out a new direction for airport energy conservation and emission reduction. The mobile energy storage solid power supply has the advantages of convenient use, low noise, zero pollution, zero emission, low operation cost and good economy. It can also replace the traditional diesel generator and be used as the airport emergency power supply equipment.


  1. Solid power supply: 90kva100hz
  2. Energy storage converter: 100kW
  3. Lithium battery system: 245kwh


1) Innovative structural design

2) Intelligent management

The main control core board is equipped with a fully industrial grade Huawei Hisilicon chip, with a main frequency of 1.4GHz, 512MB memory and 1GB flash storage. Based on the distributed edge computing Internet of things technology, it realizes “full data acquisition, full state perception and full service penetration”. The main control remote and local communication modules adopt modular design and has 5G communication capability. It can deeply interconnect with the airport AEMS system, remotely monitor and control, monitor the equipment SOC in real time and facilitate reasonable scheduling.

3) Vehicle specification level design, vibration resistance, more suitable for outdoor use

The design standard of vehicle is adopted, the protection grade is IP55, and the combined damping system of mechanical spring and hydraulic shock absorber is adopted. After the mechanical spring is compressed, it can appropriately filter the vibration during driving, so as to provide certain comfort for the whole vehicle, and the hydraulic shock absorber inhibits the spring rebound and redundant action of the spring, so as to improve the overall smoothness of the mobile trailer.

4) 5 level safety protection

Overvoltage and overcurrent protection

When the management system recognizes the overcurrent phenomenon, it control the contactor to cut off, and cut off the battery output and solid power output at the same time to ensure that the system is not damaged by current;

Disconnector design

When the DC contactor cannot be disconnected due to DC overcurrent arcing, the circuit breaker can realize further overcurrent protection and short-circuit protection, which provides a safety guarantee for the maintenance and repair of the system.

Fuse protection

When the circuit breaker also fails and cannot disconnect the circuit, the third level of protection is realized by the fuse to ensure the safety of the battery system.

Integrated management system

They are cell level, battery module level and electrical equipment level to realize the safety monitoring of the whole energy storage and charging system. It has safety functions such as overcharge, over discharge, over-current, over temperature and low temperature protection, multi-level fault diagnosis protection and multiple fault detection, so as to realize the four in one safety protection mechanism of fault, alarm, protection and diagnosis of energy storage and charging system.

Remote monitoring

The cloud platform can remotely monitor the real-time working status, fault alarm and push, and control the emergency shutdown when necessary.


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