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Time: 2020-12-04
Author: admin
Category: High Energy Lithium BatteriesLi-ion Battery


Lhasa Xingye Bank Project is located on the roof of Lhasa Xingye  Bank. The project uses the bank building roof to build a total  installed capacity of 217.8 kWp PV power generation system. The  power generation system adopts 0.4 KV spontaneous self-use  surplus power network mode, and the network is the low voltage  side of the user distribution room. Meanwhile ,250 kW/600kWh  lithium battery is used for energy storage to provide economical  electricity , and a certain capacity UPS power supply system is  configured according to the demand of the bank to ensure the  important load is continuously charged.


Project configuration:


672V/640kWh Battery Energy Storage System (672V136Ah 7pcs)

120kVA UPS

±240V/457kWh Battery Energy Storage System (±240V136Ah 7pcs)


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