Mobile Energy Storage Charging Vehicle

Time: 2020-12-04
Author: admin
Category: High C-rate Lithium BatteriesLi-ion Battery

Project background:

The notice of the State Council declared that by the end of 2020, more than 50% of the specialized berths (except dangerous goods berths) in the main coastal ports will be able to supply shore power to ships. The new wharf is planned, designed and constructed simultaneously. Priority should be given to the use of clean energy when tugboats are newly added or replaced in coastal ports of key regions. Promote the ground power supply to replace the auxiliary power unit of the aircraft, and the civil airports in key areas mainly use shore power during aircraft parking.


In this scheme, the energy storage capacity of a single vehicle is designed as a 212kwh lithium titanate battery mobile energy storage and charging system, and a total of two mobile energy storage charging vehicles are provided. As a mobile energy storage vehicle, it can be used for emergency power supplement of electric new energy electric vehicles, with the characteristics of rapid response, flexible mobility, strong mobility and high safety performance. It can meet the emergency charging demand of new energy electric bus, commercial vehicle, passenger car and other electrical equipment caused by regional power failure or other factors, and can also meet the temporary charging demand at the initial stage of the construction of charging pile station or in special places.

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