Hello Energy Storage

GRES Static Generator

One Investment,multiple benifits.

Power Conversion Systems for Energy Storage

Unclock new value accross the electricity network.

Innovative LFP Battery system

The lithium ion battery era has arrived. It has become the preferred choice for data centers.

2.5MWh UPS & Energy Storage System in Data Center

Project background: In order to ensure the uninterruption of electricity, the Russian Date Center need to invest in UPS project in a very limited place. Diesel generators produces noise and exhaust gas pollution during operation, while lead acid battery occupies a large area, so the space is not allowed, and the cycle life is short, so it can not realize the function of peak shaving.

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Residential Energy Storage System

As photovoltaic industry flourishes in the whole world, residential energy-storage applications also develop at full speed. Ecube’s Plug and play energy system offers reliable and affordable flow of power whenever it is required. Build a small power plant in your yard, energy free is possible.

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