2.5MWh UPS & Energy Storage System in Data Center

Time: 2020-12-04
Author: admin
Category: High Energy Lithium BatteriesLi-ion Battery


Project background: In order to ensure the uninterruption of electricity, the  Russian Date Center need to invest in UPS project in a very limited place. Diesel generators produces noise and exhaust gas pollution during operation, while lead acid battery occupies a large area, so the space is not allowed, and the cycle life is short, so it can not realize the function of peak shaving.

Solution :

Using ESS as the backup power supply of the  building, which solves the problem of noise and exhaust gas pollution of  the oil engine and the problem of limited space for lead acid battery.

Using ESS can not only guarantee the longer backup time of the load, but also  make use of the peak and valley price difference of commercial  electricity,save the electricity cost, and have a higher investment return  ratio.

Project configuration :


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