Smart Energy for your home

Easy to install and convinient to use

Ecube Residential All-in-one is a series of intelligent, integrated and modular products designed and developed for the global market demand of household energy storage, with a wide range of applications: self power supply, off-grid power supply, diesel generator replacement, outdoor power source, etc. The built-in lithium battery and management system can be used as the backup power supply to realize uninterrupted power power supply when the power grid fails.

Multiple functions

Multiple on/off-grid operation modes
On / off grid seamless switching, uninterrupted power supply.
Multiple energy sources intelligent management.
Real-time monitoring by mobile APP and easy operation with touch screen
CAN / RS485 and other communications

Excellent Performance

Maintenance free
Maximum system efficiency higher than 95%
Advanced bi-directional active equalization battery management system
Insulation detecting function to ensure power safety
Reliable fault protection and self recovery functions
10-years lifetime, more than 4000 cycles

Smart Structure

Integrated design, small size and easy installation
Modular design, flexible configuration
IP65 protection level for various indoor and outdoor applications
Water-proof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, salt-fog-proof, sun-screen, low temperature endurable and flame retardant



Battery capacity (KWH): 5
Maximum discharge current (A): 50
Dimension(W*D*H)(mm): 400*300*1200


Battery capacity (KWH): 10
Maximum discharge current (A): 100
Dimension(W*D*H)(mm): 700*300*1200


PV input parameters (DC)
MPPT operating voltage range (V)50-450
Max PV photovoltaic voltage (V)580
Starting voltage (V)150
Mininput voltage (V)80
 MPPT routes Qty246
Maximum input current of MPPT (A)11
MPPT efficiency>99.5%
Battery parameters
Battery typeLFP
Battery capacity (KWH)51015
Max charging current (A)50100150
Maximum discharge current (A)50100150
Short circuit protectionYes
Max conversion efficiency94%
Cycle Life25℃ 1C/1C 100%DOD EOL80% ≥4000times
Grid parameters
Rated grid voltage (V)110/220V(±10%)L-N-PE
Rated frequency (Hz)50/60(Automatic detection for first running )
Rated output power (W)4600920013800
Rated output current (A)41.8/20.983.6/41.8125.4/62.7
Power factor0.99
Total harmonic distortion rate total<3%
Off grid AC output patameter
Voltage output waveformSine wave
Rated output power (W / VA)4600/50009200/1000013800/15000
Rated output voltage110/220V(±10%)L-N-PE
Rated output frequency (Hz)50/60±5
Overload capacity(110% < load < 125%) ± 10%: shutdown after 15 minutes of overload; (125% < load < 150%) ± 10%: shutdown after 60 seconds of overload; load > 150% ± 10%: shutdown after 20 seconds of overload
Peak power (VA)7500(20S)15000(20S)22500(20S)
Basic Parameter
Dimension(W*D*H)( mm)400*300*1200700*300*12001000*300*1200
Weight(kg)<95 <150 <200 
Protection IP54
Noise (DB)<35 (1m away)
Heat dissipation modeAir cooling 
Allowable ambient humidity0~100%non-condensing
Allowable maximum altitude (m)3000(>2000 Load reduction  )
InstallationFoundation fixed or foundation roller moving



Rated power,kWh: 25.6
Rated voltage,Vdc: 512
Dimension(W*D*H)(mm): 528*740*1400


Rated charge rate @25℃1C1C1C1C
Rated discharge rate @25℃2C2C2C2C
System capacity,Ah50505050
Rated power,kWh20.420.420.420.4
Rated voltage,Vdc409.6512614.4716.8
Working voltage,Vdc358-467448-584537-700627-817
Dimension(W*D*H)( mm)528*740*1200528*740*1400528*740*1600528*740*1800
Cycle Life25℃ 1C/1C 100%DOD EOL80% ≥2500times25℃ 1C/1C 100%DOD EOL80% ≥2500times25℃ 1C/1C 100%DOD EOL80% ≥2500times25℃ 1C/1C 100%DOD EOL80% ≥2500times

Residential Energy Storage System

As photovoltaic industry flourishes in the whole world, residential energy-storage applications also develop at full speed. Ecube’s Plug and play energy system offers reliable and affordable flow of power whenever it is required. Build a small power plant in your yard, energy free is possible.

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