Mobile energy storage system as emergency power supply application

Time: 2023-04-23
Author: admin
Category: News

In this industrialized world, the grid is so trustworthy that we take reliable electricity for granted. But in India, power outages are a sad reality of regular occurrence. Connecting to the grid does not guarantee a reliable power supply. Especially in some remote rural areas, access to electricity has become a thorny issue.

Ecube’s GRES series products, as mobile energy storage products, are very friendly to solving the power consumption problems in remote areas and rural areas. First of all, GRES has a battery capacity range of 75kWh-300kWh, small size, convenient transportation, low investment cost, and is very suitable for small and medium-sized commercial electricity; In addition, the GRES cabinet has a high protection level and can be directly used outdoors as a mobile energy storage system; As an integrated energy storage system, GRES integrates a lithium battery, a two-way PCS system, an STS control switch, and an air conditioner all in one, with fast wiring and easy operation. It can be connected to various energy sources such as Photovoltaic, mains electricity, and diesel generators. It is the best choice for emergency mobile energy storage supply.


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