Integrated PV and ESS System

Time: 2021-09-27
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GRES is an intelligent and modular power supply equipment integrating lithium battery and power conversion system(PCS). According to different application scenarios, lithium battery, bidirectional DC / AC converter, bidirectional DC / DC converter, Static switch and Power management system can be arbitrarily combined to realize grid connected power supply, off grid power supply and off grid uninterrupted power supply power supply, static reactive power compensation, harmonic suppression and other functions. The system can have access to new energy, power grid, diesel generator and to provide users with green, environmental protection, noise free, high reliability and high security power services.

Application-Mobile backup energy

Mobile backup energy is widely used in various energy storage systems, military security, emergency base stations, energy storage power stations, marine transportation, etc. It is an indispensable basic configuration and typical application for the all-round development of new energy.

Compared with the traditional fixed energy storage power station, the modular design of the integrated energy storage system adopts the standardized outdoor design, which can be hoisted by an overhead crane,and mounted on a truck. It has strong mobility. In addition, as a modular, standardized and mature product, the GRES has low cost and short production cycle. It is directly assembled and debugged in the workshop, which greatly saves the design, production, and construction costs

Application-Integrated PV and ESS system for self use

The combination of photovoltaic power generation system and energy storage system can realize the transformation from passive energy saving to active energy output. Through the PMS control strategy, the power grid, new energy and energy storage battery can realize mutual integration and energy complementation, and significantly reduce the power consumption cost of customers.

The GRES can be configured with photovoltaic control module to support direct access of photovoltaic system. Park or enterprise users can not only make full use of solar energy resources and realize the spontaneous self-use of energy, but also meet customers’ various application needs of new energy, such as grid connected power supply, off grid power supply and grid connected non grid power supply.

Application-Peak shaving

The energy storage system (ESS) helps to use and manage energy effectively and thus save electricity bills. ESS can provide solutions according to the different charging systems in each country. It can use cheap night electricity to charge, reduce the maximum power consumption peak, so as to achieve the effect of saving electricity charges. Through the construction of ESS in large office buildings, hospitals, schools, factories, gas stations and other commercial and industrial environments, it is expected to achieve the effect of stabilizing electricity and saving electricity charges. When connected with self generating facilities such as solar power generation, it is possible to create a 24-hour self generation network.

Application-Power quality management

By dynamically adjusting reactive power and compensating reactive power loss in the power grid, the power factor can be increased to at least 0.95.

For voltage instability caused by long-distance transmission, it plays a stabilizing role.

The installation of GRES system can avoid the investment of reactive power compensation equipment, reduce line loss and interference, and improve transformer utilization and efficiency.


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