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Military Applications Of Lithium-ion Batteries

Jan. 20, 2020

Lithium-ion batteries, as the best-performing batteries at present, can not only provide durable and stable power for individual soldiers' electronic equipment on the battlefield, but also greatly reduce the individual soldier's load, enhance the flexibility and mobility of individual soldiers, and become the future individual equipment. Preferred power supply. The "Soldier Conformable Battery" developed by the US Army is a wearable lithium-ion polymer battery. It is thin and light, and is arranged on the bullet-proof plate worn by the soldier to reduce the load on the soldier. The British Ministry of Defence uses lithium-ion batteries as an energy source for individual combat systems, and the bag-shaped lithium-ion batteries developed by it have ultra-high specific energy. In addition, most of the future soldier combat systems developed by the military of various countries around the world currently use lithium-ion batteries as the power source. For example, the US "Land Warrior" individual combat system and the German "Future Soldier" systems use lithium-ion batteries. The following Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Rack Manufacturer will introduce to you.

1. The "new energy favorite" of offshore equipment

The lithium ion battery is used as the power source of the submarine, which can greatly improve the speed, range and survivability of the submarine, and reduce the maintenance cost of the submarine. In recent years, multinational navies have applied lithium-ion batteries to miniature submarines, while developing lithium-ion batteries suitable for medium and long-range submarines. For example, the French Scorpion-class submarine is equipped with a new generation of lithium-ion batteries that can withstand high current charging, which greatly reduces the charging time of the submarine and doubles the underwater life.

Lithium-ion batteries used in torpedoes can greatly reduce the volume and weight of the power part of the torpedo, and can be used repeatedly in training to meet the training needs of the army. At present, the French Navy has successfully developed torpedoes with lithium-ion batteries, operating speeds of more than 50 knots (92.5 km / h), and endurance times of more than one hour. Both reliability and safety meet operational performance requirements. In addition, foreign forces are exploring the use of lithium-ion batteries as power systems for surface ships.

2. "Third Generation Power Source" for Aerospace Vehicles

Lithium-ion batteries are known as the third generation of aerospace power, and have been gradually applied to various types of aerospace equipment in recent years. For example, the Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System has been used as a power source for the International Space Station. In the field of military aviation, lithium-ion batteries are mainly used in small, miniature UAVs. The "Longyan" unmanned reconnaissance aircraft used by the U.S. military in the Afghanistan war, using lithium-ion batteries as a power source, has been tested in combat. However, in general, the application of lithium-ion batteries in this field is still in its infancy, and the main constraints are insufficient miniaturization and insufficient power.

Rack Mount Lithium Battery System

Rack Mount Lithium Battery System

3. Insufficient power source for large equipment

In ground equipment, lithium-ion batteries are mainly used in military unmanned ground vehicles, robots, and hybrid electric combat vehicles. For ground combat vehicles using hybrid electric drive, the use of lithium-ion batteries as a power source can not only reduce fuel consumption, reduce logistical burdens, but also improve the power and survivability of tactical vehicles. At present, foreign forces are actively developing lithium-ion battery modules for hybrid electric-driven chariots, unmanned ground vehicles, and ground robots. However, for large ground equipment, the weak power of lithium-ion batteries is the main factor restricting its further application. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to develop high specific power, low cost lithium-ion batteries to meet the mission requirements of ground equipment in the future.

The above is the military application of lithium-ion batteries introduced by Rack Mount Lithium Battery System Factory. Hope to help everyone.

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