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The Failure Reason Of Lithium-ion Battery(Two)

Aug. 14, 2019

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Today we would like to continue to talk about some other reasons about the failure reason of lithium-ion battery.

Multifunctional Battery System

Multifunctional Battery System

(1) Gas production: LFP Battery System is mainly divided into normal gas production and abnormal gas production. The gas production phenomenon that occurs when the electrolyte is consumed during the battery formation process to form a stable SEI film is normal gas production. The gas production in the formation stage is mainly caused by the reaction of the ester single/double electron reaction to produce H2, CO2, C2H2 and the like. The abnormal gas production is mainly caused by the transition of the electrolyte to release the gas or the oxygen release of the positive electrode material during the cycle of the battery. It often occurs in the soft pack battery, causing the internal pressure of the battery to be too large and deformed, breaking the aluminum foil and the inside. Battery contact problems, etc.

(2) Thermal runaway: Thermal runaway means that the local or overall temperature inside the lithium ion battery is rapidly rising. The heat cannot be dissipated in time, a large amount accumulates inside, and further side reactions are induced. Table 1 lists the thermal behaviors common within lithium-ion batteries. In order to prevent serious safety problems caused by thermal runaway of lithium ion batteries, PTC, safety valves, and thermal conductive films are often used. At the same time, system design is required in battery design, battery manufacturing process, battery management system, and battery use environment. Consideration.

(3) Analysis of lithium: Lithium deposition is a relatively common aging failure phenomenon of lithium ion batteries. The main form of expression is a layer of gray, grayish white or gray-blue material on the surface of the negative electrode piece. These substances are metallic lithium deposited on the surface of the negative electrode. The causes of lithium deposition in the battery were analyzed from two aspects, and the generation of lithium was combined with the cell manufacturing process, the battery use environment (including charge and discharge system and charge and discharge environment) and other factors. The main factors affecting dendrite growth are current density, temperature and electricity. The growth of dendrites is inhibited by adding electrolyte additives, artificial SEI, high salt concentration electrolyte, structured anode, and optimized battery configuration.

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