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Analysis Of Heat Production From Lithium-ion Batteries And Battery Packs

Aug. 05, 2019

Temperature is very important for Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery. Low temperature can cause the lithium-ion battery to have lower electrical performance (capacity, rate performance), but it can improve the storage life of lithium-ion batteries, and high-temperature can improve electrical performance (capacity, rate performance), but It will reduce the stability of the electrode/electrolyte interface and cause rapid decay of cycle life. For a LFP Battery Pack consisting of a large number of batteries, the uneven temperature distribution inside the battery pack may cause a large difference in the performance of the single battery, resulting in uneven attenuation between the single cells, eventually leading to the battery pack.

The working conditions of lithium-ion batteries have a great influence on the heat generation of ion batteries. For example, high-rate charge and discharge will accumulate more heat in the battery for a short time, while at a small rate, it can almost achieve heat balance and reduce the temperature of the battery.

LFP Battery System

LFP Battery System

The charge-discharge rate has the greatest influence on the heat-generating power of lithium-ion batteries. The higher the rate, the higher the heat-generating power, followed by the ambient temperature. The higher the ambient temperature, the smaller the heat-generating rate, and the least affected is the SoC of the battery. In the range of %-90% SoC, the higher the SoC, the greater the heat production power. In the temperature study of the battery pack, it is found that the battery pack generates a significant temperature rise in both continuous acceleration, continuous deceleration and pulse discharge modes, and the highest temperature rise is concentrated in the central position of the battery pack, and the airflow generated by forced air cooling is generated. Most of them flow from above the battery pack, resulting in poor heat dissipation.

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