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Life Of Rack UPS Lithium Battery

Dec. 11, 2019

Rack UPS is a type of lithium battery UPS. What is the service life of the internally equipped lithium battery? Since it is a lithium battery product, its life is generally "2000 times".

How long does a rack UPS lithium battery last? In fact, the service life of Rack Mount Li-Ion Battery System is generally not calculated by year and month, but by the number of cycles. Of course, the number of cycles is not just the number of charge and discharge but a cycle of charge and discharge.

Rack Mount Li-Ion Battery System

Rack Mount Li-Ion Battery System

This life of 2,000 times also means that the rack UPS lithium battery has 2000 charge and discharge cycles. However, a charging cycle does not mean that the full charge of the lithium battery must be used before the next charging. Instead, when the lithium battery is used for a period of time, the battery is charged when it is less than half of its charge, and it is fully charged until the next day when the remaining power is used and then fully charged, it can be counted as a charging cycle.

However, the life of the 2000 charging cycles is not absolute, because if you spend more money, you can customize a rack UPS power supply with a longer cycle life.

After talking about this service life, Li-Ion Battery Energy Storage System Supplier also wants to tell you some ways to extend the service life of rack UPS lithium batteries. After all, after the lithium battery is manufactured, its capacity is limited, but during use, the correct use method and daily maintenance will help extend the life of the lithium battery of the rack UPS.

So how to extend the life of the rack UPS lithium battery? The following ESS All-In-One suppliers will come to tell you.

1. Use environment

The environment in which a rack UPS is used is also very important. It requires less dust, no corrosive air, and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It must also have a good lightning protection effect. The temperature in the equipment room should also be controlled within a certain range, and the floor should be installed with an antistatic floor.

2. Access load

The most reasonable load range is 30% -60%. Full and overload use will affect the life of the UPS. Maintenance should be performed at least once a year.

3. Charge and discharge

Regular charging and discharging of a lithium battery can better extend its service life. Generally, it is completely discharged every 2-3 months. The specific time for discharging needs to be determined according to the capacity and load of the lithium battery. After a full load discharge is completed, recharge according to the instructions.

4. Correct power on / off sequence

The correct start-up and shutdown sequence should be to first turn on the UPS to supply power to it, and then turn on the various loads. This can avoid the damage caused by the instantaneous current impact on the UPS during the startup. The sequence is exactly the opposite during shutdown.

When using the rack UPS lithium battery, there are still many places that need attention. The correct method of use and daily maintenance can effectively extend the life of the lithium battery.

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