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Aug. 19, 2019

The annual National Day military parade will officially open on 1st October this year. As a professional factory who can supply LFP Battery System, Ecube carries the self-developed vehicle-mounted energy storage battery system to help military armored vehicles.

LFP Battery System

The BESS (battery energy storage system) is used for special equipment. It uses thirty two 3.2V single-cell LiFePo4 batteries connected in series to form a 102.4V battery system module for easy maintenance and quick replacement.

The positive and negative output terminals are clearly marked for easy connection and inspection. At the same time, the connection between the battery and the conductive row adopts high-power laser penetration welding technology, low impedance and high strength, ensuring connection reliability. With using IPG6000W laser + custom Busbar welding fixture equipment, the welding strength is reliable, and the welding speed of the equipment is up to 80mm/s.

The battery cell has a PE blue insulating film and a gap between the cells, as well, high melting point and 2000V-resistant plastic are used between the cells.

The material insulation bracket is insulated and fixed, covering the engineering plastic top, preventing touch and short circuit. Also, reserve space above the battery pressure relief valve to prevent excessive pressure explosion during abnormal conditions, and fully guarantee the safety.

LFP Battery System

Ecube has injected new impetus into the new energy market in Europe with a new attitude and excellent product performance, and brought new ideas and new developments to promote innovation and development in the global new energy field!

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LFP Battery System

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