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What Should A Good Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack Look Like?

Jan. 06, 2020

Because the lithium iron phosphate battery pack has the advantages of good performance, best safety, excellent cycle life, fast charging, no pollution, small size, light weight, and low cost, the application range of the lithium iron phosphate battery pack is also very wide: large electric vehicles: buses, electric cars, attractions and hybrid vehicles, etc.; light electric vehicles: electric bicycles, golf carts, small flat battery cars, forklifts, cleaning cars, electric wheelchairs, etc .; electric tools: Electric drills, chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc .; remote-controlled cars, boats, airplanes and other toys; energy storage equipment for solar and wind power generation; UPS and emergency lights, warning lights and miner's lamps (the best safety); one time replacement for 3V in cameras Lithium battery and 9V nickel-cadmium or nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery (exactly the same size); small medical equipment and portable equipment.

A good Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery group should be the higher the charge and discharge rate, the better the number of charge and discharge cycles, and the smaller the internal resistance, the better. The battery consistency uses the same materials and the same process. The higher the consistency on the charge-discharge curve, the better. In recent years. With the continuous progress of science and technology and people's gradual emphasis on environmental protection, traditional lead-acid batteries have gradually faded from people's attention, and lithium battery packs will become a better choice for people.

Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System

Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System

When testing the quality of a lithium battery, you need to pay attention to its.

1. Consistency: If a lithium battery pack with poor consistency does not have a protection board, if the battery pack is not equipped with a protection board, not only the capacity is lost, but also safety issues may occur. Overheating and explosion. The method for testing consistency is to connect the cells to be tested in series, in groups of four or six, and do 1C charging and 3C discharging. In the process of charging and discharging, just look at the difference in the voltage of the cell.

2. Self-discharge rate: After the consistency test is qualified, the method for detecting the self-discharge rate is: leave a battery with the same capacity for one month and then let it stand for one month, and then measure its capacitance value.

3. High rate: For a battery pack that can withstand high rate charge and discharge, its ability to quickly charge and discharge is strong. For lithium iron phosphate batteries, it must be able to charge and discharge quickly to meet its requirements for lithium batteries. The test method for high magnification is: if there is a serious problem of heat generation during charging and discharging, the quality of the battery is not good. Generally speaking, the power lithium battery pack should meet the safety requirements of 3C charging and 30C discharging.

4. Long life: As a general requirement, lithium iron phosphate battery packs still have 85% capacity after 2000 cycles of 1C discharge, and 80% capacity after 3000 cycles. However, because of different manufacturers, these standards are also different, so this detection method is also different, generally based on the manufacturer's standards.

The above is what a good lithium iron phosphate battery pack introduced by Rack Mount Li-Ion Battery System Manufacturer. Hope to help everyone.

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