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5 Application Fields of LFP Battery

Feb. 15, 2020

Although the megatrend of new energy passenger car power batteries will be the world of three yuan, this does not mean that the "fighting" of the application of lithium iron phosphate batteries is pronounced. Instead, the market is closing multiple doors while opening multiple windows.

It is foreseeable that in the next few years, with the year-on-year growth in the field of passenger cars, Sanyuan will play an absolute protagonist in the installed equipment. For lithium iron phosphate batteries, in addition to occupying an absolute advantage in the field of passenger cars, In the sub-fields, new application opportunities are also emerging.

From a demand-side perspective, this trend is already very clear. Facing the sharp decline of subsidy policies, auto companies have switched from the idea of subsidies that blindly pursued energy density in the past, and have begun a comprehensive market-oriented approach. Based on comprehensive considerations of cost and performance, A00-class models, electric logistics vehicles, 48V Significant demand has begun to appear in sub-segments such as micro-hybrid systems, electric grid-connected cars, and electric forklifts. At the same time, in the fields of base station energy storage and grid energy storage, the application of lithium iron phosphate has also started to rise.

From the perspective of the supply side, the continuous decline in the prices of raw materials and the release of production capacity caused by investment in the past few years means that there will be room for further decline in the market price of lithium iron phosphate batteries. In terms of technical performance, as the earliest industrialized power battery technology route, mainstream lithium iron phosphate battery companies have continued through iteration from cell design, material selection, process matching, production equipment, and lightweight packaging. Innovation.

UPS Lithium-ion Battery System Supplier sorts out the four major application markets where lithium iron phosphate batteries may or has already started to heat up, and analyzes new market opportunities for lithium iron phosphate batteries through specific market segment analysis.

1. Micro electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are fully marketed, and micro electric vehicles may take the lead. From the perspective of the market, the demand and acceptance of micro electric vehicles in third- and fourth-tier cities is gradually increasing. The price acceptance is within 50,000 yuan and the battery life is 200km Within. Based on this change in direction, many car companies judge that market acceptance and the rectification of low-speed vehicles will accelerate the market penetration of A00-class electric models.

From the perspective of the choice of supporting power batteries, this model does not have high battery life requirements, but has a high sensitivity to the overall price. Based on this, lithium iron phosphate batteries may have more advantages than Sanyuan in this field. Car companies have begun to make adjustments and transformations. It is expected that in 2019, the installed capacity of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery in the field of micro electric vehicles will rise.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

2. Electric network booking

Different from family cars, electric network car is more defined as a production tool. Therefore, it is more sensitive to prices than family cars. Secondly, in the use scenario, it also presents some special needs, which are reflected in the following several aspects:

The first is to reach more than 300 kilometers in battery life, which can basically meet the order requirements for a day, but it does not need too much battery life redundancy, otherwise it will increase costs; the second is to charge more for the order The time requirement is short, so it needs to achieve fast charging performance. Third, although the battery life is not high, the service life is higher, and the cycle life of the power battery is higher than that of a family car.

3. Energy storage

Regardless of the energy storage subdivisions such as base station energy storage, backup power, grid and user-side energy storage, the application of lithium iron phosphate batteries is being started on a large scale.

With the large-scale automated production in the field of power batteries in the past few years, coupled with the centralized release of production capacity and further reduction of raw materials, this means that the application of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the field of energy storage will be further spread.

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