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Lhasa Industrial Bank

Lhasa Industrial Bank

Current situation

of approximately 2,700 m2 (including lighting roof, stairwells and glass house top area) to build a solar system with a total installed capacity of 217.8 kWp. The system adopts 0.4KV spontaneous self-use residual power Internet access mode, and the grid connection point is the low-voltage side of the user's power distribution room. At the same time, 250kW/600kWh lithium battery is used for energy storage to provide electricity economy. In addition, a certain capacity of UPS power system is configured according to the needs of banks to ensure reliable power supply for important load.

Solved problems

Lhasa Industrial Bank's Solar storage project is located on the roof of Industrial Bank of Lhasa City. The project uses a bank building roof with a projected area (1) Solve the problem of access to renewable energy power generation then reduce abandoned sunlight and wind.

(2) Actively assist in maintaining grid stability and improving the quality of load power.

(3) Balance the peak-to-valley difference of the power grid and improve the economy of electricity consumption.

(4) Efficient use of energy to avoid long-distance transmission and loss that may occur due to multiple transformations.

(5) Reliable power supply. In the case of abnormal external power grids, the internal power supply can be maintained by using its own power generation device and energy storage.